How to remove creases and restore the shape of your carrier?

Creases and wrinkles on a bag can be annoying and hard to smooth out.

Since we ship all of our bags folded, this can create creases and deform the shape of the bag while in transit.

In most cases, the bags naturally regain their shape on their own after a few uses. 

Here are some tips to help to get creases out of a bag and restore the shape quickly.



Stuff the bag

Start by stuffing your bag using pillows, towels or blankets.

Close the mesh and leave it for a few days. You should notice a big difference within a day or two.


Hang the bag

Gravity can help restore the bag's shape.

Start by unfolding the bag and hang it for a few days. You can also stuff it for better results.


Use a Steamer

You can try restoring your pet carrier's shape by using a steamer. Heat will help restore the shape of your bag. Please be careful and use a pillow case to cover the bag when steaming it.

If your bag still has stubborn creases, please get in touch with us