How to Get Your Pet to Enjoy Travel Carriers?

You're really excited to take your pet all over town in your new tote bag so that the two of you can now spend more time together!

But what if your pet doesn’t like getting in the bag?

No worries! We’ve got some great tips on how to bag train your pup!

  Let Your Dog Spend Time Around the Carrier

Don’t force your canine into the bag. Instead, place it in a room where your furry friend likes to hang out. Your dog may head over to the carrier to investigate it.  

Leave the bag out for several days. This will allow your dog to become familiar with it. During that time, play with your pup near the travel bag.    

The more time your dog spends around the bag, the more normal it will seem. When your dog gets used to the bag, it will be easier to convince your pet to get inside.

Go Slow

Eventually, your dog may venture inside the carrier. Don’t rush this process. Instead, just let your dog go in and out as desired.

After a few days, begin trying to close the bag whenever your dog gets inside. Start by keeping it closed for just a few seconds. Reward your dog for staying calm by opening the bag and letting your fur ball out.

Each time you close the bag, trying leaving it closed for longer and longer. Pretty soon, your dog will feel comfortable sitting inside the bag while it’s closed.

Use Treats to Entice Your Dog

If you are having trouble convincing your canine to enter the travel bag, you may have to resort to using treats.  

Place them inside the bag to tempt your dog to enter. Treats can also be used as a reward for remaining calm while the bag is closed.

Give Your Pup a Comfortable Ride

Making the bag more comfortable increases its appeal. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Place a blanket on the bottom of the carrier.

  • Don’t wash the blanket too often. Its familiar scent will make your dog feel right at home.

  • You could also put one of your dog’s toys in the bag.

  • If the above tips don’t work, maybe your own scent will calm your canine. Try putting one of your old shirts in the bag.


Start Inside

Before taking your pup out and about, give the bag a test run in your home. This will help your four-legged friend get used to being carried in the bag without the added stress of unfamiliar sights and sounds.  

Head to a Quiet Place

When your dog is ready to be carried outside, don’t start in a crowded place. Instead, choose a quiet location. This will help your dog gradually adjust to being out in the world.  

In Conclusion

If your dog doesn’t immediately like being in the travel bag, don’t worry. Our tips on how to get your dog used to a travel bag will help your pooch realize it’s a great place to be. And that’s because it means spending more time with you!